She made me lay my burdens down and swung low like a sweet chariot👑 (at Rolling up the Partition like I was told to)

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My Daughter 

Beauty !

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On the run (July 11)

Anonymous asked:
Who tf is that man always next to Beyoncé on stage touching her and shit. Sometimes I can't even hear her because this man is yelling strange things into the microphone. Bey really needs to get better security because he's always fucking around her holding her baby and shit.

When you just remembered you have some bomb leftover food waiting for u when u get home.😌

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"I think what we need is a colorblind society." Now folks, when you hear somebody say that you know you’re listening to a racist…

- Jane Elliot and Oprah Winfrey discussing racism in 1992 on the Oprah Winfrey Show.